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Are you an aspiring entrepreneur, next-generation founder or change-maker?

This is your opportunity to learn the skills of the future.


We do currently workshops in Growth Hacking, Crypto & Mining, Investor Pitching, Storytelling, Lead Generation, Funnel Building, Agile Work and How to Sell. 

You Will 

Master the growth mindset

Learn how to implement processes to your business

Get tools to directly to start growing your business

We want results & that's what we'll give you


Awesome Growth Hacking workshop with hands-on training and actionable growth insights.

Andri Heidar // Co-Founder & CEO // Travelade

Future Founder Start-up Growth Experts

Future founder is on a mission is to help the entrepreneur of tomorrow to master the skills needed to be successful in business.


We are doing this by creating a community of aspiring entrepreneurs, marketers and change makers and providing them with the latest knowledge via workshops & training.

Topics we focus on are: Growth Hacking, AI, Blockchain, personal branding, pitching, agile work, scrum & how to create the ultimate start-up culture

About us

Bart Snijders

Founder Sprints & Sneakers

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Growth obsessed business creator, startup mentor & a VC's right 'hand'.

Ellen Ragnars


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Silja Thor

Co-Founder Restoranto & GAVA Project

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Serial entrepreneur, start-up coach and globetrotter.

Tech entrepreneur, startup mentor & sprint specialist.

What Other Say

In general, I think it's essential to attend courses like that because the marketing landscape is changing constantly which makes it difficult to catch up with. Therefore, what better way to learn from and meet experts who are the fore front of the field.

Serena Chan // Marketing Manager // Authenteq 

Námskeiðið gaf manni hugmyndir hvernig maður gæti nýtt sér þessa fræði með betri hætti en maður er að gera í dag.

Sigurður Svanson // Head of Digital  // SAHARA 

It helped me realise better ways to utilise networks, but I'm still a little bit in the dark about how to map out networks

Kjartan // SLA

Great introduction to growth hacking for those not familiar, although growth hacking should really just be called modern up-to-date marketing :)

Þóranna Jónsdóttir // Marketing Director // Samtök Ferðaþjónustu

The course gave me new and fresh insights into the digital marketing world with the right tools which helped me improve our digital marketing analysis and therefore further depth and vision.

Katrin Amni // Co-Founder & Marketing Director // Ice-Herbs

Our Best Selling Growth Hacking Workshop

Growth Starts with Data. Data is the key component when it comes to marketing success. By understanding your data, you can grow quickly.  

In our Growth Hacking workshop we dig deeper into how you can grow your business and show you ways to reach your goals.

"We, Bart Snijders, Ellen Ragnars and Silja Thor know the challenges facing entrepreneurs, founders and marketers who want to grow. All have run tech startups operating internationally and we found a need in the market to help startups reach their customers quickly and cost-efficiently”.

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